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Easy Flow Concrete

Save time & money.


Green & Durable Concrete

Structures today are increasing in cost for visible and hidden fees that are overlooked in construction materials. When concrete is poorly designed, it will result in a short service life leading to expensive repairs and maintenance downtime.  We researched and developed a variety of concrete technologies incorporating pozzolanic materials including GGBFS, Fly Ash, and Microsilica to enhance a structures service life up to 140 years using only the highest quality suppliers known in the MENA region. Our durable concrete exceeds the industry standard which is why we are the main and trusted concrete supplier for the majority of authorities and clients. All of our product lines including Standard Concrete, Fast Track Concrete, and Special Performance Concrete are green and durable. Every product can be customized to fit your needs.

Carbon Footprint

To reduce concrete’s carbon footprint, we incorporated green technologies into the final product including GGBS, Fly Ash, and Microsilica.

Long Service Life

We specialize in designing concrete withstanding the test of time up to 140 years. 

Estidama and LEED

Our green concrete products make a difference when calculating Estidama and LEED ratings. We’ve built many buildings with Estidama level 2 and LEED Platinum ratings.

Time is Money

How much is your time worth?

Build Swiftly

Be faster than your competition.


Fast Track Concrete

The faster you build, the more you save. Our concrete products below are specifically designed to reduce the time for concrete casting, pumping, setting/hardening, and finishing by an average of 5 hours each day. 

Easy Flow Concrete

Rapid Strength Concrete


Self Compacting Concrete



Jointless Slab On Grade

Precast Armor/Waywalls


Precast Viaducts, Piercaps, Girders, Tunnel Segments

Apron Pavement

Thermal Backfill

Tunnel Secondary Lining

Designed with a Purpose.

 There’s a solution to every problem.


Special Performance Concrete

Unique requirements need unique solutions. We have over twelve special products developed in our laboratory that aren’t commonly found in the readymix industry due to their complexity and delicate nature.

Quick Setting Concrete

Roller Compacted Concrete

Micro-Tunneling Concrete

Grout & Nano-Grout

Plastering & Masonry


Colored Concrete

Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Underwater/Marine Concrete

Lightweight Concrete

Shrinkage Reducing Concrete

Pervious Concrete

Long Hauling Concrete



Extra Features & Addons for All Products

Temperature Control

We can provide concrete with a temperature as low as 25°C. Concrete must be below 32°C as per ASTM.

Easy Flow

Enhances workmanship by providing better finish-ability while simultaneously reducing the time and labor required in construction.

Enhanced Corrosion Protection

Some environments pose a high threat to your structure’s integrity by corrosion. We have anti-corrision solutions that can protect your structure and extend the service life simultaneously.

Dry Mix Option

All our concrete products can come in a dry version if required.

Rapid Strength

You can deshutter your formwork as early as 8 hours, thus multiplying your productivity rate.

Fiber Reinforcement

With this option you can increase the flexural strength of the concrete, and/or completely eliminate the need for steel bar reinforcement.


We design concrete capable of suppressing bomb blasts for military defense networks.

Self Compacting

It can be challenging to uniformly and correctly compact concrete via vibration especially in areas that have congested steel or that are just hard to reach. Self compacting design combats this issue.


We are able to help you achieve your desired fire hazard rating by incorporating fire retarding materials in concrete.


Concrete is generally water resistant to an extent however you may want to add a waterproofing agent if you have stringent requirements such as a 1% water absorption limit.